Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Passion Project #2

In the last two weeks, I have made even more progress with my passion project. As I said last week, the next thing that I wanted to accomplish was a list of interview questions for teachers, as I had already come up with one for students. I finished this list of questions, which I am including below:

  • What do you think are the biggest problems with our current teaching methods? Do you think there is anything that we could do to fix these problems?
  • How do you think students should be graded? Why?
  • How do you think classrooms should be set up? Tables or desks? Regular seats, yoga balls or something else for students to sit on?
  • Does a cluttered classroom affect a student’s ability to learn?
  • How do you notice most of your students learn (visual, audial, etc.)? How do you think we can better accommodate all students, no matter their learning style?
  • Do you think students need tests and quizzes or are projects better to test their knowledge of a subject? 
  • How many tests (on average) would you say that you give your students in a month?
  • How many nights (on average) do you give your students homework? How many nights a month do you think students should get homework in one class?
  • Do you prefer to teach your students using activities in the classroom or worksheets? Do you think your method of teaching works better than the other method?
  • Should students work individually, in partners, or in groups? Why? Do they get distracted when working together or does it benefit them because they help each other out?
  • Do you do anything special to help gifted/non-gifted students? Why? Do you think the current school system helps these students?
The next step that I will be taking is creating a survey to send out to all of the ROGATE students, but so that my results aren't biased, I will also ask a few students that aren't in the gifted and talented program. I also need to find a few teachers to interview. I think that I will start off with Ms. Mystrena and then continue from there. In the next few weeks I am going to attempt to get the majority of my interviews done.

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